Pedro Besugo
Japan Map Series 2019

Geological Survey of Japan
Metamorphic Rocks I

Chapter I

Rocks II
1975 — 1977

These vintage maps of Japan are the base for an ongoing project, about cartography, with geometric and grid drawings. 

Japan Cartography Maps

Chapter II
1945 — 1950

Small Size Canvas Geometric Series 2019
Working table, after hours at the studio. 

Casa da Cultura de Setúbal
Sala José Afonso

Painting commissioned by the Setúbal City Hall, for the City House of Culture.

“Memórias da Escola Primária”
Mixed Media on Canvas
250x400 cm

A Cor do Escudo 2020
Acrilyc on paper
52,9x75,6 cm

Escultura Na Praça 2000

Bairro Do Bom Pastor
Calhariz De Benfica

Faculdade De Belas Artes De Lisboa. Câmara Municipal De Lisboa 

In 2000, I participated in the Lisbon City Hall, Public Sculpture Competition Project, in partnership with the Fine Arts University of Lisbon, and won the first prize.
First Prize Project
Model Scale 1:20